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How will it be?

Step 1

Account registration

We start registration, but as a rule, we already have ready

Step 2

Waiting, successful registration

Amazon may ask for additional verification, but if not, the account can be used.

Step 3

Check the account before you buy it

You make an advance payment of $10-$20 as you wish. This money can be returned at any time.

Step 4

Specialist installs and configures VDS server

So that the algorithms see as if you were always in the same place. This will help protect your account from unwanted blocking.

Step 5

Full payment and getting all access+video instruction

You will receive a detailed video instruction on how to work with the account.

What do you get after you buy?

Passport and statement


VDS account + server

Video tutorial

Video instruction on how to set it up!

The video instruction will help you:
1. Set up an account to start

2. Change all accounts to receive payments

3. secure the account so no one can steal it

4. Change logins and passwords

5. Understand the security principles of the account

Frequent Questions

If the owner steals the account?

All access remains only with you – passwords, usernames, email. All this data is not known to the owner, and you can replace it with yours.

If the Utility Bill is requested

We register a large number of accounts and some of them are immediately requested. If the request was not, then the account is for sale. Utility will not come to it, because Amazon’s policy is such that the request comes immediately after registration.

What guarantees?

From our side, the guarantee that you get a ready-made account, with verification. If you want an account with a passed utility, it will cost more.

How will Amazon transfer money to my account?

You will connect your Payoneer account and be able to receive payments to your account. You can link many Amazon accounts to one Payoneer.

Were there any sales on this account?

No, these are new accounts that have not had any sales.

Amazon won't get banned for changing accounts?

It will be necessary to specify your account number and the name of the account owner. That way everything will be all right.

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Service Accounts

To safely trade on Amazon, you need to verify your account. This is a confirmation of the seller’s data. Marketplace carefully monitors the actions of bidders. If suspicious activity is detected, the account is blocked. Verification can be difficult at times. It takes time and knowledge of how to properly execute documents. To trade with minimal risk of getting blocked, you need to buy an Amazon account. Our company AmzKo sells accounts for the presented marketplace. In our Amazon account store, you can order quickly, inexpensively.

Why buy an Amazon account?

Buying an Amazon merchant account is beneficial for a number of reasons. The fact is that it is not difficult to register on the American trading platform. The procedure does not require much time. But then the system will require verification. You need to confirm that the information you gave is up to date, true. If mistakes are made or discrepancies are found, the account is blocked. Seller loses money, need to write an appeal to regain access.

Today you can often see about “selling an Amazon seller account”. But by ordering from a dubious seller, you run the risk of locking in profits and losing money. Buy an Amazon account in our company is advantageous for a number of reasons:

  • You get a complete set of documents that were used to pass the verification.
  • All the money you get in the process of trading, you get in your account. We do not have access to your account, transfer access to your full use.
  • If you take advantage of our Amazon account sale service, you will eventually be able to transfer the account to your company.

Making a purchase on dubious ads, you risk losing money. Our company is trusted by more than 15 thousand people. It is possible to sell an Amazon account through a guarantor.

Features of working at Amazon after buying an account

If you decide to buy a seller’s account on Amazon, you can start processing transactions right away. We do not have access to the account. Once you have the full package of documents used in the verification, you can not be afraid of blocking.

It happens that the marketplace eventually requires a second confirmation. This is a normal situation that you don’t have to be afraid of. We will help you with the re-verification for free. Such service is not available from other sellers. Our company provides support at all stages of cooperation.

Amazon can make a second request for verification in case of improper behavior in the bidding process. That’s why we provide instruction on how to do business safely on Amazon. Only in 1% of cases does the marketplace send such requests for reasons unrelated to suspicious account activity.

Types of accounts

Before you buy an account, you need to choose the type of account. Amazon distinguishes two types of sellers. The terms of use of the service depend on this:

  • This is a novice seller who does not pay a monthly fee to work on the marketplace. He has the right to sell up to 40 products per month. On each sale he pays the amount of $0.99.
  • Professional . It is a plan that involves selling products through the store, with a fixed monthly fee of $39.99. Regardless of business activity, the seller transfers funds from the account each month. There is no limit on the number of items sold in the store.

Many first-time Amazon users want an Individual account. But if the business starts to grow, we will have to switch to a Professional plan. In this case, Amazon will require verification again. That’s why it’s better to choose a plan in the account store that you’ll stay on for a long time.

How does the cooperation process work?

To buy in our store account on Amazon, you need to contact the manager. Leave a request for our employee to give you the necessary explanations and answer your questions. If you are satisfied with the conditions of Amazon account sales and are ready to make an order, the procedure is performed in several steps:

  • The account is verified by you. At this stage, our employee provides comprehensive support and answers questions. You can check the operation of the buttons, any menus.
  • If you are satisfied, you pay for your order in our store in the most convenient way for you.
  • We give you all invoices, access, a complete package of documents. You will be able to start trading on Amazon right away.

Leave a request for a free consultation. We will answer your questions and create comfortable conditions for cooperation. Buy an Amazon account with us you can quickly, on favorable terms.