Launching a turnkey Amazon Business

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Frequent Questions

What is the difference between America and Europe?

You can trade for America from a physical person, which you can’t do with Europe. Also, the difference in markets, the U.S. has the largest market in the world, and therefore the opportunity to get more sales

How to start selling ?

You will need to create an account, verify and start uploading products. Next plays the strategy by which you plan to work PL, OA or dropshipping

Can I send goods from Ukraine or Russia?

Of course, many of our customers do exactly that, because of the large size or of their own volition

Provide contacts of warehouses for the goods ?

Yes, you’ll get everything you need from us to launch your sales

Can I get a consultation ?

For clients we always help in all matters, both paid and free depending on the issue and specialist

What services will you be able to take on ?

We take the tasks of preparing accounts, company registration and comprehensive promotion of goods in foreign markets

Business on Amazon from Ukraine and Russia

opens up new opportunities for trading. Being in Ukraine, you can sell goods much more expensive than in your home country. Remote work attracts many people. You can be at home doing business and dealing with business matters at your convenience. To organize your business properly, it is important to know about all the subtleties of trading on Amazon. Our company AmzKo is engaged in teaching business on Amazon, providing services to organize and optimize the trading process. We have a lot of experience with the American e-commerce platform. Our experts will help you increase your income by helping you organize your Amazon sales properly.

Existing models of work on Amazon

You can sell on Amazon from Ukraine, Russia on different models. The business opportunities are almost endless on the world’s most extensive e-commerce platform. Amazon accounts for more than 70% of product traffic. You can choose from 3 scale models for doing business on Amazon:

  • Amazon Associates. This is a model that involves participation in an affiliate program. You create a site for an American marketplace.
  • Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). The Amazon FBA or “retail arbitrage” business involves buying goods from large companies and then selling them on Amazon.
  • Private Label (PL). This format is suitable for own-brand sales.

If you want to set up sales through Amazon without wasting time looking for answers on the Internet, without losing money, contact us. Our company will help you get the necessary practical knowledge and skills.

Learning how to do business on Amazon

Business on Amazon has many nuances and pitfalls. If you are not aware of possible difficulties, you are more than likely to lose money. The account can be blocked and the money permanently lost. Learning how to do business on Amazon is important for a number of reasons:

  • The U.S. e-commerce platform is highly competitive. Many salespeople have already set up the trading process and know English well. To take your “place under the sun,” you need to clearly understand in what direction to go. Competing with experienced sellers on your own, you can make a lot of mistakes and lose money.
  • Earning on Amazon is possible if you have the start-up capital. You need to invest $1,500 to $3,000 in merchandise. The loss of such a sum is tangible for the residents of our country. Training reduces financial risks.
  • The rules on Amazon are quite strict. If you violate them, your account will be blocked. Thanks to the experience of our experts, you will get the knowledge of how to trade correctly on the American platform without breaking the rules.

Our company AmzKo will help you organize a turnkey business on Amazon. This ensures that you don’t lose money, you can sell your product, making a profit on par with American sellers.

Learning outcomes

Selling on Amazon from Russia and Ukraine is easy if you set up the trading process correctly. Thanks to our courses you will be able to launch your own store in 3 months with an income of up to 20 000 dollars. We offer a practical course consisting of 98% practical assignments and 2% theory. The result of Amazon sales training at our company is as follows:

  • You will get practical knowledge at the level of a professional, learn about all the pitfalls of e-commerce on the American platform.
  • Based on your project, get a source of basic income or increase existing profits.
  • You get a plan developed for 3 years in advance to increase the profits of your project.
  • Learn to look for suppliers, in-demand items.
  • You will get skills in setting up advertising, attracting traffic from different sources.

We will teach you how to find contractors, make purchases of goods, and send them to Amazon warehouses. Financial reporting, planning and improving business performance will become transparent and understandable for you. You will be able to monitor sales, manage projects with web analytics.

Our Services

To organize the sale of goods on Amazon, you need to make comprehensive preparations. After the launch of the project, the store is monitored, decisions are made on the expansion, the choice of directions for the promotion. Our company AmzKo provides a range of services that allow you to successfully conduct business on the American trading platform. The following services can be ordered from us:

  • Selling Amazon accounts.
  • Utility Bill.
  • Promotion, advertising listings.
  • Invoices for Amazon.
  • Opening a category, a brand.
  • Unlocking the account.
  • Reviews on the listing, seller.
  • Removal of negative feedback.

We hold master classes on sales on the American trading platform. You can get a personal consultation with the expert Alexander Bogdanov. You can also order turnkey registration of a company in the U.S. to work on Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, Ebay.

Our company will help you organize a profitable business, develop a growth strategy from preparing for registration on the American e-commerce trading platform to developing a strategy based on web analytics. You can order training, support from us on a turnkey basis.

Selling Amazon accounts

We sell ready-made accounts for trading in the U.S., Europe, which have been verified. Such a purchase allows you to sell goods without the risk of getting blocked by the system. Profits from the sales made by using an account purchased from us go into your account. We transfer all access to the account to the customer.

If necessary in the future you can re-register the account purchased from us to your company. You receive a full package of documents, for which the verification was passed. In addition, you get instructions on how to work safely with your account from us, which allows you to avoid problems when trading.

Utility Bill for Amazon

To be verified on Amazon, you need to send a Utility Bill document. This is a statement for the payment of a utility bill. The document will be ready in just a couple of hours. You get your statement ready to send to Amazon:

  • In English. The payment is transferred, made in accordance with the requirements of the system of the American trading platform.
  • We will prepare a bill for electricity, gas, water, internet for any country, city.
  • The document comes with instructions on where and how to send the Utility Bill.

We will prepare a U.S.-style utility payment document to send to support.

Promotion, advertising of listings on Amazon

To get the top position in the search engine, optimize the listing and setting up advertising. This will increase the number of sales, profit. The presented service will allow you to get positive feedback, significantly increase the reach of potential buyers in the U.S., Europe.

Our company will do marketing optimization. You’ll get more sales by reducing your advertising costs. Our employees will perform the following actions:

  • Analysis of 100 competitors. The marketer will gather the necessary information about the company’s competitors and analyze it.
  • Copywriters will prepare texts in accordance with SEO requirements for internal promotion.
  • Analysis of the target audience will identify the needs, interests of potential customers.

Within the allocated budget we will do everything to make your product appear in the top output, attract the attention of potential buyers. This will increase your sales and profits.

Invoices for Amazon

With us you can order invoices from an American supplier. It is a company officially registered in the U.S., has the necessary documents. Therefore, the procedure is conducted completely legally, in accordance with U.S. law, the rules of Amazon. Receiving invoices gives you a number of options:

  • Unlocking your account.
  • Adding to the listing inventory.
  • Opens a category that is not yet available for your account.

If you need invoices to conduct your business, we will prepare the necessary documents with shipping instructions. Our supplier will answer the call from Amazon.

Opening a category, brand on Amazon

There is less competition in the closed categories. After opening, you get new opportunities, which will increase the number of sales. You will be able to expand your business. We will open a category or brand or refund 100% of your payment.

Unlocking your Amazon account

There are several reasons for blocking an account. It is quite possible to unlock it. We can help you solve the problem if your account is blocked for the following reasons:

  • The Utility Bill is incorrectly filed.
  • They demanded invoices for the goods.
  • Intellectual disorder.
  • Complaints from customers or competitors.
  • Bad Metrics.
  • Other problems.

We will write an appeal and help you follow the step-by-step unblocking procedure. The procedure takes several days.

Reviews on the listing, seller

We’ll help you get 5-star reviews without removing comments. We’ll help you do the procedure right, creating a natural increase in comments. Usually adds no more than 3-5 reviews a month.

Deleting negative feedback

If negative reviews have been added to your product or Amazon account, we can help remove them. This will allow you to build a positive reputation. Reviews can greatly influence buyers’ decision-making. Therefore, it is important not to have negative feedback to increase sales and profits.

How to contact us?

To get a consultation about doing business on Amazon, to order a service call us or write in messengers. Our staff will answer your questions and help you place your order.